Race Walking Progress Report – Week 15

I’m well into my 15th week of consistent training! There is so much to celebrate!

  1. It’s the most mileage I have ever been able to rack up in such a short period —> 1010km
  2. I have hit the most mileage in one week of 100km and climbing
  3. I have set a PB over 30km’s in training
  4. I train twice a day with relative ease
  5. Get to run and share this with family and friends.
  6. I have also leaned out a lot and now i have managed to drop 28kg’s over this past 12 month period. I am feeling very good about this achievement!

Of course it is not all that smooth sailing. It is very tough and some days i really struggle to commit to 20km’s + . I just remind myself daily about my goals and that gets me going.

The main thing that i find difficult to adapt to, is being always tired and sore after every session. I wake up every day with sore legs, knees etc And this is not helped by the fact that the wind pumps in Cape Town all summer long. It is a constant battle with the Cape Doctor!!! So age vs the elements are a constant battle but i feel that with time i will overcome this.

Now, I will focus on increasing the mileage and working on my raw speed – at the moment I am very strong and i feel that i am able to walk a 50km tomorrow if need be. However, my speed is still on the low side and extremely excited after this loading phase to start some quality speed work.

Apart from that i am really itching to race again and look forward to a nice holiday over the next week of very low mileage.


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Way to go Stef!