Heel and Toe: Bosworth & Bird-Smith Go Super Sonic

A further addendum to the addendum of last week when discussing the fastest 10km walks done by Australian walkers aged under 18 years. I had mentioned the performances of Declan Tingay (42:10.31) and Nathan Brill (41:07) but there are others Here are some additional performances from Brent Vallance, all done by “an age on day” 17yr olds, including the Australian U20 road record of 40:54, done by Adam Rutter.

40:54.0 Adam Rutter 24/12/1986 NSW 1 Sydney 26/06/2004
41:57.00 Troy Sundstrom 30/05/1981 NSW 2 Leichardt 9/08/1997
42:01.0 Adam Rutter 24/12/1986 NSW 1 Canberra 13/06/2004
42:07.0 Adam Rutter 24/12/1986 NSW 9 Naumburg 30/04/2004

Troy Sundstrom in fact did further very fast 10km walks at NSWRWC meets during 1997. Like Nathan’s, all of these were done on the road. Declan’s would appear to be the best Track time.

And now onto this week’s Walker of the Week which is awarded to Rio bronze medallist Dane Bird-Smith. Walking on Saturday in the QA Norma Croker

Shield 3000m walk at the UQ Athletics Track in St Lucia, Brisbane, Dane stormed through to win in an Australian best ever time of 10:54.70. The current best time of 10:56.22, done by Andrew Jachno in Melbourne on 7th Feb 1991, had stood for just over 26 years and used to be the National Record before Athletics Australia pruned the list and removed it, along with various other distances. In 2014 Dane recorded 10:56.23 when winning a 3000m race in Cork Ireland, just missing Andrew’s time by 0.01 sec. His time on Saturday now wewrites the history books once and for all. My top-15 now reads as follows:
Rank Time Name State DOB Place Location Date Age
1 10.55.70 Dane Bird-Smith Q 15-07-1992 1 Brisbane 11/02/2017 24
2 10.56.22 Andrew Jachno V 13-04-1962 1 Melbourne 07-02-1991 33
3 10.59.04 Luke Adams N 22-10-1976 2 Cork, Ireland 03-07-2010 33
4 11.00.56 David Smith V 24-07-1955 1 Perth 24-01-1987 31
5 11.11.45 Nick A’Hern N 06-01-1969 2 Melbourne 07-02-1991 22
6 11.13.77 Jared Tallent V 17-01-1984 1 Sydney 28-02-2009 25
7 11.16.2 Troy Sundstrom N 30-05-1981 1 Sydney 27-11-1999 18
8 11.17.0 Nathan Deakes V 17-08-1977 1 Melbourne 10-12-1998 21
9 11.19.0 Jesse Osborne Q 12-01-1995 1 Melbourne 12-04-2014 19
10 11.21.86 Adam Rutter N 24-12-1986 3 Sydney 28-02-2009 22
11 11.23.2 Steve Beecroft V 14-03-1971 1 Melbourne 13-01-1994 22
12 11.26.0 Simon Baker V 06-02-1958 1 Solleftuna 07-07-1989 31
13 11.27.0 Michael McCagh W 16-04-1986 2 Sydney 17-02-2007 20
14 11.28.2 Willi Sawall V 07-11-1941 1 Melbourne 15-03-1980 38
15 11.28.83 Chris Erickson V 01-12-1981 6 Sydney 18-02-2012 30
16 11.29.7 Brent Vallance N 30-04-1972 1 Sydney 06-12-1997 25
17 11.32.9 Doug Connolly N 30-10-1982 2 Sydney 27-11-1999 17
18 11.33.1 Rhydian Cowley V 04-01-1991 2 Brisbane 14-02-2015 24
19 11.38.8 Liam Murphy S 05-06-1979 1 Adelaide 13-11-1999 20
20 11.40.32 Declan Tingay W 06-02-1999 1 Geelong 17-12-2016 17

It’s a bit strange in that now we seem to have a Commonwealth Record for the 3000m walk (held up till now by Andrew Jachno with
his 10:56.22) but no Australian record.

And big news out of England with some great results from the British Athletics Indoor T&F Championships which were held last weekend in Sheffield. Mark Wall reported:
Two relatively high quality walk fields were assembled, the only notable absentee being the defending female champion Bethan Davies (in Australia for the ‘Supernova ‘project). With a series of 3 day training camps this week and next at Leeds, plus a further series of research projects being carried out there were strong fields from both the UK and continental Europe.

Women’s Indoor 3000m Championship
Gemma Bridge took an initial lead but Heather Lewis soon took over and forged a substantial advantage. Gemma however made massive inroads into the lead in the closing stages and appeared to be about to regain the lead when Heather was disqualified. Gemma went on to take a comfortable victory in 13:23.59 a PB. Emma Achurch, after a strong start shadowing Gemma, was able to take second with a season’s best in 13:48.83. Third across the line went to Italian Tatyana Gabellone with with 13:49:49 while third in the title went to Manx woman Erica Kelly 14:18:64 The next two places were filled by younger walkers with 2016 European Youth Championship 4th placegetter Sophie Lewis-Ward just over a second ahead of 15 year old Ana Garcia. Ana held out the more experienced Andrea Kovacs of Hungary, 22 years her senior. For Ana it was a return to the sort of times she recorded in 2014. A special mention should be made of Anett Torma of Hungary. She walked a very attacking race and was on for a PB and a place on this year’s top 10 but fell foul of the judges.

1. Gemma BRIDGE GBR 93 13:23.59
2. Emma ACHURCH GBR 97 13:48.83
3. Tatyana GABELLONE ITA 84 13:49.49
4. Erika KELLY GBR 14:18.64
5. Sophie LEWIS WARD GBR 99 14:25.11
6. Ana GARCIA GBR 01 14:26.43
7. Andrea KOVÁCS HUN 80 14:26.93
8. Hannah HUNTER GBR 14:35.41
9. Megan STRATTON-THOMAS GBR 15:32.16
10. Ester MONTANER NOVELLON ESP 91 15:44.04
11. Natalie MYERS GBR 91 16:08.12
Heather LEWIS GBR 93 DQ

Men’s Indoor 5000m Championship
This saw a national Record to Tom Bosworth in 18:39.47 after a period of intense training in South Africa. Tom passed through 3000m in 11:16.43 so was attacking for the whole race. World Junior Champion Callum Wilkinson, whilst a bit slower than his U23 record set recently in Bratislava, walked well inside the 20 minute mark for 19:49.23, a feat only 4 other Britons have done indoors. Third across the line was the Norwegian Fredrik Vaeng Rotnes in 20:51.15. The third British competitor was Cameron Corbishley having a happier time of it in 21:02.14. The pleasing thing about this race being that at 27 Tom was the veteran of the field at 27, with there being only one other competitor who had either just left or else remain in Junior ranks. The green shoots are definitely there.

1. Tom BOSWORTH GBR 90 18:39.47
2. Callum WILKINSON GBR 97 19:49.23
3. Fredrik RØTNES NOR 96 20:51.15
4. Cameron CORBISHLEY GBR 97 21:02.14
5. Christopher SNOOK GBR 00 22:31.71
6. Luc LEGON GBR 97 23:03.01
Jonathan HOBBS GBR 93 DQ

And some more info on Tom’s performance from Athletics Weekly (see http://www.athleticsweekly.com/event-news/tom-bosworthbreaks-
british-record-in-sheffield-57288#ZgH0HomdtF1FbchF.99) The performance won him a $2500 bonus for setting the record. Bosworth started at a steady pace and completed the first kilometre on schedule in 3:45.33, already with a clear lead. That tempo stayed pretty much the same as he passed 1600m in 6:01.73 and 2000m in 7:30.55 and 3000m in 11:16.43. Now knowing he had the record, the Olympic 20km sixth-placer seemed to be enjoying himself and even picked up the pace as he went through 4000m in 15:00.14. Despite some early celebrations, that final kilometre was easily the fastest at 3:39.33 and he carried on his celebrations after the finish.

“I’m delighted to break that British record,” said Bosworth. “I have to thank the crowd because they really did spur me on to achieve that time. I am in a really good position. That was a world lead today by some way but I knew I was capable of it.”


Photo Credit – Getty Images (No Copyright Infringement is Intended)

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